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Who Are We?

 is a word that we have come to embrace and enjoy as it so accurately and simply defines many everyday situations and people.  Predictably Ridiculous. 

 What does  mean to us, you ask?

Great question.

"Prediculous" can have a positive or negative meaning.  We all have a friend, or a few, that is totally prediculous.  You know what they're going to do long before they do it.   If we're honest with ourselves, we all have a little prediculousness in us.  And why not?  It makes life more fun.   

Can you use  in a sentence...or give us some examples?


 in a positive way:

  • Your favorite athlete shows no fear when the game is in his hands and prediculously scores the winning point.
  • Your friend who barely studies for a math test and prediculously gets the highest mark.
  • The girlfriend who finds out you're not feeling well and delivers a prediculous home-cooked meal for you at your doorstep. 

 in a negative way:

  • The guy that swears he is only going to have 2 beers at Happy Hour, then prediculously closes down the bar with a 6th round of tequila shots and loses his wallet.
  • The girl that lines up a girl's night 2 weeks in advance and then prediculously bails 10 minutes before.
  • One of your golf partners that couldn't hit a fairway all day, but when the money bet doubles, he prediculously drains an eagle.   
  • Your boss who preaches work-life balance, then prediculously carpet bombs you with emails during your entire beach trip.
  • Your teacher tells your class she'll only require you read one short classic book over the Holidays and then prediculously reveals you'll be reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky.  

    The examples go on and on...

    So help us in our goal to create a fun lifestyle brand and BE PREDICULOUS!!!